søndag den 15. september 2013

Winner at Domotex 2011


The presentation of the 2011 Carpet Design Awards (CDA) took
place at DOMOTEX HANNOVER on the evening of Sunday, 16th January.
The Carpet Design Awards are presented annually to the most original and
innovative carpet designers.

The hand-made carpets submitted are
assessed on the basis of the key criteria of design excellence, product
quality and artistic or technical innovation.

189 carpets from 21 countries were submitted for participation in this
year’s Carpet Design Awards. For the first time the competition was open
to non-exhibitors as well as exhibitors at the trade show.

An international panel of experts selected the winners from a total of 30 finalists. The
awards ceremony was presented by Stephan Ph. Kühne, board member of
Deutsche Messe AG, and Sebastian Ghandchi, Publisher and Managing
Director of Hali Publications Ltd.

Bazar du Sud won Design Award for Best Design Traditional Nomadic Carpet Superior.


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